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Lieutenant Devin Enslen, USN / (505) 277-7028


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Scholarship Opportunities

NROTC National Scholarship

Please visit the NROTC website for more information on the National Scholarship.

Marine Corps Option ROTC Scholarship

Please visit the Marine Corps ROTC website for more information on the National Scholarship.

MSISR Scholarship

Since UNM is a Minority Serving Institution, UNM NROTC is allotted an additional number of scholarship reservations under the MSISR program. These scholarships have the same value as the national scholarship and are available to anyone regardless of racial or ethnic background; you do not need to belong to a minority to be eligible.

If you are interested in applying for an MSI scholarship to attend University of New Mexico, you must first complete and submit a national scholarship application. On that application, you must confirm that you would be interested in an equivalent scholarship to a Minority Serving Institution. Refer to the Navy's guidance on the NROTC MSI website for minimum requirements and deadlines.

The national scholarship application window opens April 1st and closes January 31st annually.

College Program (non-Scholarship Option)

For students who do not initially get selected for a scholarship or missed the application window, or expect to have greater than 30 credit hours at the beginning of the semester in which they intend to join, they may apply to the program as a 'College Program' student. In this status, they will participate in unit activities and be re-screened annually for a scholarship. A pre-participation physical examination, or a “sports physical”, from a physician will be required to participate in physical activities.  Applications for college program midshipman are available below.


College Program Application


Applicant Fitness Assessment Score Sheet


UNM NROTC Application Addendum


Do not sign the second signature block under the Oath until directed.

Completed applications must be emailed to the UNM NROTC Recruiting Officer (contact info above) no later than July 31st for the Fall semester and December 31st for the Spring semester.

Once your completed application, including all three forms, have been processed, the Recruiting Officer will contact you to schedule an interview with the UNM NROTC Commanding Officer.